For Sale: $250,000
Ranch home in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico

Traditional Sale

  • $250,000 list price
  • FHA-approved property
  • Seller repairs negotiable

Seller Financing

  • No income or credit qualification
  • Assumption, Wrap, or Subject-To
  • 35K down payment

There are three options. This is not legal advice. Do your own research.

Two sofas inside do not convey. Everything else inside conveys with sale including tables, chairs, beds, and dressers.

Minimal repairs. Foundation is solid, we have an inspection.

Friendly neighbors with other fincas (not a crowded subdivision).

Main roads are well paved with easy access. Final road is paved and steep, but manageable even with a box truck.


Las Piedras is a sleepy town with only 1 or 2 bars. It's 45 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the beach. Neighbors are very friendly and we can introduce the prospective buyers to our friends in the area.

Yes, dated from January 2022 these are available.

Repairs should not be needed to close with a lender. If it is needed, seller will consider repairs.